Hi, my loves!  So I’ve been chopping at the bit to blog… and blog a lot.  How much, you ask?  This much… oh, and because I kinda have an obsession with bullets, that is how I’m going to present this to you:

  • A post about our wedding…
    Our ceremony at Berkeley Plantation
    Me and my handsome groom

    which was words-cannot-describe beautiful.  I’ve literally been salivating at the chance to post this… I have over half of this post written with images in… the only problem is I cannot post it yet.  See, our extra-talented photographer liked our pictures so much that she wants to submit them to magazines!  (I’m gushing as I say this…)  When I was planning as a soon-to-be bride, I cannot tell you how many magazines I leafed through… with my favorite part being the actual images and stories from others’ weddings… and now, that could be James and me!  Anyway, there’s a better chance we’ll get chosen if we don’t blog like crazy and post all of the pictures because well, that leaves the magazine with nothing new to print.  So keep your fingers crossed that we’ll be featured in a magazine… and I’ll keep you updated!  Meanwhile, no wedding post until then…

  • That means no honeymoon post.  I’ve had this bad boy in my back pocket for a while now.  Stories to look forward to: We almost died on the way to our honeymoon.  I say this with the most serious facial expression.  Believe me — James will vouch that I am not lying or exaggerating.  It was terrifying… and scary to think I could lose my husband of one day… before we even got to our honeymoon site.  Other stories: Well, about our private (yes, I repeat: private) island  and the amazing trips and sea animals we saw there.
    In the Belizean crystal clear waters
    Me holding a live CONCH! I cannot wait to tell you about all the animals we saw!
    James with a hermit crab… Those little devils hide in the tree bark!

    Me and my husband while on an extraordinary day zip lining!
  • And the last blog… made up of two very serious words: Married.  Life.  All the details — good and bad ahead on 8News at 9… okay… that shows I work way too hard.  Point is, it’s coming up.

Anyway, I just want to apologize for leaving you sitting on the edge of your seat.  I really do have all these blogs started and practically finished, but because I’m OCD, I cannot — absolutely cannot and will not — post one before the other.  It needs to go in order.  It only makes sense.  And the world makes sense… at least my blog world does.  Hopefully soon, I’ll have more to show you… but for now, know I haven’t forgotten you and I have so many stories to share.

The first two images are from Korie Lynn Photography.  More on how incredible our photographer is too… or I should say, you’ll see for yourself how amazing she is.  …I’m kinda in love with her.  True story.

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