So I’ve had this post set on “Drafts” for the longest time now… and I think it’s about daggon time I shared it with you!  See, when James and I first got engaged (yes, almost two years ago), he had this wonderful idea for us to write down our favorite restaurants and dishes found there.  That way, if we moved once we were married, when we returned to Richmond, we could instantly remember where our top spots were and exactly which places reminded us of “the good ol days.”

Being that this was a great idea, I instantly wanted to blog about it.  We’re both avid foodies and love hearing what restaurants and dishes others enjoy… so I thought, why not share our favorites?  A blog post was a necessity!  …But… the reason it’s been in drafts forever is because I wanted James (so badly) to introduce himself to you on my blog.  Month after month, I would ask him to “just come up with some quirky type of hello”… just a little something to show all of you out there how funny and witty my soon-to-be-husband is.  He though kept claiming he was neither quirky or witty.  A bold face lie, I knew!  …Well, maybe you’ll disagree with me now because this is all I was able to get out of him:

Yo, what-up G.  My name’s Jay-Diddle.  Here to smack some sense into those tongues of yours.
Love, Jay

…Yes.  That is from the guy I constantly say is my “incredible fiancé”…  It is what it is, I suppose.

But without further ado — Here are our favorite spots in Richmond!

* * * * *

Best appetizer
Laura’s choice:
The Empress: Bacon Wrapped Dates — Dates wrapped with bacon and drizzled with local raw honey and gorgonzola sauce

Best soup
James’ choice:
Tarrant’s Cafe: She Crab Soup
Laura’s choice:
Baker’s Crust: Signature Tomato and Cheese
Crazy Greek: Avgolemono — Lemon egg soup with chicken

Best wings
James’ choice:
Quaker Steak and Lube: Thai ‘R’ Cracker chicken wings — Sweet Thai flavor with a kick of chili and garlic
Tequila Lime BBQ chicken wings — Smoky BBQ with a shot of tequila and lime
Laura’s choice:
The Halligan Bar and Grill: Buffalo wings in their Fully-Developed sauce

Best sushi
James’ choice:
Wild Ginger

Best crab cake
James’ choice:
Old Original Bookbinders: Jumbo Lump Crab Cake — Eight-ounce crab cake served with Remoulade and Chinese Pepper sauces

Best pizza: Mary Angela’s Pizzeria
James’ choice:
New York style pizza topped with sausage, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes
Laura’s choice:
New York style pizza topped with cheese (Sounds simple, but few toppings speak for how good the pizza is!)

Best sandwich
James’ choice:
Chioccas Downstairs Deli and Bar: Sailor Sandwich
Laura and James’ choice:
Olio: Arc de Triomphe — House roasted turkey, French brie and applewood smoked bacon on a French baguette with garlic aioli spread

Best barbeque: Buz and Ned’s Real Barbeque (Featured on the Food Network!): BBQ Pork Sandwich

Best hamburger
James’ choice:
Carytown Burgers and Fries: Mushroom Swiss Burger — Sauteed mushrooms with Swiss cheese

Best pork baby back ribs
James’ choice:
Ronnie’s Ribs, Wings and Other Things (Featured on the Food Network!)
Laura’s choice:
Buz and Ned’s Real Barbeque

Best pork chop
Laura’s choice:
Old Original Bookbinders: Grilled Double Cut Pork Chop — 14-ounce pork chop with a cider glaze

Best steak
James’ choice:
Morton’s: Single Cut Filet Mignon

Best Mexican
James’ choice:
Viva Mexico (There white sauce is out of this world!  … And sadly, we’ve learned this restaurant just closed.)

Best desserts
Laura’s choice:
The Jefferson Hotel: Macaroons
Amici Ristorante: Chocolate mousse
James’ choice:
Six Burner: Chocolate mousse

* * * * *

We hope to keep updating this list so please let us know where your favorite restaurants and dishes are too!  Bon appetit!

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