Alright.  I’m a compulsive cheater.  This is now determined.  I suppose when I skipped the bass application, I knew in my heart-of-hearts I would come around one day and cheat (on myself) again.  Was the rule I made for myself silly?  “I will make every single application in order!,” I hear myself proclaiming to James… but even then my fiance thought the goal was funny.  While I’ve been nothing but loyal in relationships… I guess he just knew the temptation would suck me in when it came to cooking.  They do say the grass is always greener on the other side.  But here’s the truth about this cheating-experience: I felt bad, horrible cheating the first time.  This time, I… um, well I’ll admit it!  I felt a little liberated… (which is what I hear most second-time cheaters feel *sigh*) and here’s why: I’ve gotten a boost of confidence, maybe a ‘big head’ now.  Because I still couldn’t acquire a bass, I had to move onto Episode 11, Season 1: Use Your Noodle.  At first, I was excited!  Some type of pasta dish again?!  …but then I saw it was “Plain Ol’ Pasta”… and this wasn’t just any name.  See, Alton puts a lot of thought into the names of applications.  This one was precisely what it said: plain. ol’. pasta… and so my excitement began to flutter away…

Basically, the application tells you how to properly cook pasta… with the finishing touches being extra-virgin olive oil, garlic… then adding on your choice of other special bits and pieces (such as fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, bacon, sautéed greens, cheeses, marinated artichoke hearts… the list goes on…).  Sure, when I make pasta, it is most often used as spaghetti (proven in my last post, it’s a genetic disorder)… but the thought of making something I was raised on — like noodles… well, it left me feeling undaunted.  I already knew how to properly cook pasta (and PS–I’m not saying this with my shoulders back and chin up).

Maybe I’ll come back to this application some time in the future.  Maybe I’ll skip it entirely… okay, no.  I can’t do that; that thought just made me feel really guilty.  So my mind’s made up: I’ll prepare this soon… but for now, I’m cheating again.  I’m moving on with the wind in my face!  There’s no lookin’ back now!  Oh no!  Now it’s time for Episode 12, Season 1: Power to the Pilaf.  More to come…

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