Sawmill Gravy over toast

So after my first application-skip, I was able to move to “Sawmill Gravy.”  Look yummy?  …Probably not.  Sound yummy?  Definitely not.  Sawmill gravy, Alton?!  Really?!  There could be no better name for this?  Like “White Sausage Gravy” or even more simply, “Sausage Gravy.”  …I suppose not, because you are Alton Brown… and you did come up with this application… so who am I to judge my teacher?  Further, I will say whatever you call it — Sawmill Gravy, Almost-Red-Eye Gravy, you name it — this was surprisingly good.

Since this gravy seems to be more of a breakfast item, I decided to wake up early one Sunday and prepare it for my James, who loves breakfast.  While I hate anything that requires one, waking up early; and two, eating early… I was excited to cook a big meal for him — eggs, fruit, bacon, hash browns, the works… along with this odd gravy…

First up — One whopping pound of breakfast sausage.  I don’t know if you remember, but when I first started blogging, I mentioned a Foods I Will Not Eat list… well, I confess sausage falls under that category.  I was going to say “without a doubt falls under that category”… but the truth is, if someone puts a nasty processed who-knows-what’s-inside-that-casing sausage in front of me, I may (if I’m feeling nice) nibble at the middle (definitely can’t eat the ends… Did you know casings were originally animal intestine?!  There’s more casing on the end than in the middle… so whoever’s fixing it, be lucky I’m even picking at the sausage!).  Anyway, to please certain people, I have eaten the stuffed-casing-meat before… and each time, it probably won’t be my last.  Case and point: One pound of breakfast sausage now (although, this was not cased; it was bulk style… which still makes no difference to me).  Other than that, the ingredients were slim: flour, milk, salt and pepper.

To begin, you crumbling the nasty meat (which my loving fiance volunteered to do… even though I said I’d make him breakfast).

Time now to brown the bad boy…
After that, you remove your cooked crumbly sausage and deglaze by making a white roux… and PS-for those who can’t remember what deglazing means, it’s pretty much my favorite cooking term… and said simply, it means removing the stuck-on bits in the pan with liquid, or in this case roux.

Once the roux becomes thick and smooth, the sausage can be added back into the pan…

Finished Sawmill Gravy

Something very strange happened when I added the sausage… The mixture became super-duper thick.  Now I was expecting it to thicken — some… but from the recommended two cups of milk… I ended up using over half a gallon of milk.  Crazy, right because that’s a huge difference!  It makes me wonder if I did something wrong because Alton’s picture of his two-cup-“Sawmill Gravy” definitely looked thinner than miner… even after the added over than half a gallon of milk.

…Moving on though, I added to the sausage-roux mixture: an “insane amount of pepper,” according to Alton.  And have I ever done anything not according to Alton?

My Sawmill Gravy with an insane amount of pepper

I mean check out all those peppery-flakes!  There’s one thing to say about this gravy for sure: It is powerful.  If I’m to eat a breakfast, I hope it is always something this pungent… something that yells, “WAKE THE HELL UP!” with its strong, zingy taste..  …And another thing about it (because as James — or anyone can attest — I can never just say one thing…), this was de-li-cous.  Truly, it was!  Alton recommended putting the gravy over hot toast or biscuits… and being that I was craving toast, toast it was.  Added with the carbs, this sucker was filling indeed — which is also what a hearty breakfast should be!

I told James, “Breakfast is served” after I plated him with Alton’s “Scrambled Eggs” (which still remain to be the best eggs I’ve ever had), pineapple, strawberries and more… all along side our new favorite breakfast item, Sawmill Gravy.

The finished product with other added extras

Alton, what have you done to me?  I look at the mere girl I was months ago… and compare her to the woman I am now — I’ve eaten 15 ounce steaks, eggs with an oozing inside, and now I’m enjoying breakfast.  Me!  Enjoying eating breakfast!  I would have never foreseen this moment…

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