Admittedly, I have not been blogging like I should.  In fact, I’ve not even been cooking like I should… but still, I am blogging less.  I know the saying, “My dog ate my homework,” but for a second, I have to air my excuses.  First, I’ve been short on cash lately, and despite my goal of cooking a new application every paycheck… well, it just doesn’t always work out that way.  After all, that goal was set in the “perfect world” scenerio… and we all know that’s not where we live.  Second, there’s one computer at my home — my sister’s computer… and she’s been gone for weeks… which means she also took her sidekick, Mr. Vaio, with her.  Finally though, she has returned home… which means I can return to my passions — cooking and writing.

Whew.  I feel much better explaining that now… even if (you’ve probably noticed) I still have no followers.  …Let’s not dwell on that though…

To get caught up, I was depressingly still on e.g.g.s… and how I long to move on in my book.  Not only have eggs become my ultimate food-enemy in this short time… but I’m still salivating at the opportunity to fix items like ice cream, fish, ham and pastries.  …Yet, it’s eggs… and I feel it will always be eggs.  (Sigh)

The one good tidbit about this application is that it is Scrambled Eggs… and as I explained earlier, that is my egg dish of choice (if I had to choose).  Alton starts by saying if there’s anything to destroy your eggs, it’s over-cooking them.  With this introduction, I feel that must be what most cooks do.  In fact, he harps on their consistency so much so that I’ve come to realize my own eggs were always over-cooked (which is probably obvious by now because I’d rather have my eggs dry and rock-hard than raw and slimy.)  For the record though, I have tasted light, fluffy scrambled eggs… and I’ll admit — They are delicious; but, I’ve never been able to replicate them in my own kitchen… so Alton’s application gives me hope that maybe my eggs (and view on them) will change.

The surprising thing about this application were the ingredients.  Because I heard some use milk in their scrambled eggs, I’ve tried this approach… however, mine were always soupy… which Alton even talks about in his opening paragraph: they “seem to be sitting in a small puddle of water.”  I realize now I probably had liquid-releasing eggs because of one, I over-cooked them and two, I used two-percent milk.  Alton calls for whole milk… and let me tell you, that made all the difference — in taste and texture.  (I’m proud to say there will be no more egg soup!)

Other than milk, this application didn’t call for much less… which made me happy because that meant if I wanted to make it again, I didn’t have to run to the store to fill my cart with off-the-wall ingredients.  Not only this, but — maybe I’m easy to please (which, yes, I am) — it was fun to make.  There’s one step where — as soon as egg-curds start forming — you have to stir and gently shake the pan.  This action (at least for me) was like patting your head and rubbing your stomach in a circular motion… almost impossible.  I found myself giggling because I had to ask James to shake the pan while I scooted the curds back and forth.  But a team is always better than one…

In the end — and yes, it is the end of this post… which I know is shorter than most… but that’s because this application took a shorter time to make.  In fact, once the eggs were broken, it probably only took a few minutes to finish.  Instant results… and instant goodness.  They were –without a doubt — the lightest, fluffiest, Jell-O-like eggs I’ve ever had.  (And for those curious, yes, I said Jell-O because that’s the exact consistency Alton aims for.)

Jell-O. There’s honestly no better way to explain those little curds than J-E-L-L-O!

Since fixing this application, I’ve found myself making it multiple times.  I really enjoyed it.  James enjoyed too.  Oh, and I found out — James’ egg preference is not Eggs Over Easy… It’s scrambled!  And whether I misunderstood that the first time… I secretly like to believe it’s because Alton allowed me to make the most delicious eggs.

A breakfast fit for champions: Bagels, fruit, pastries, juice, and of course — the most amazing eggs

PS-TAKE THAT EGGS!!!  I’m through with you!

…for now at least…

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